Fire Alarms
Life Safety 24/7
24/7 Monitoring
Automated Dispatch
If a fire occurs our systems automatically dispatches the fire department.

Minimize Loss
Life or Property
During a fire seconds matter and can save lives and/or property.
Early Warning
Improve your odds
Early warning and detection features of our fire alarm systems improve your odds of a potential catastrophic event.
Meet State Requirements
All of our systems meet and/or exceed state requirements, we’ll help you plan for the unimaginable.
Be compliant
We will assist in making sure your fire system is compliant will all your insurance companies demands.
Life Safety
Your most valuable asset
Your employees are your most valuable asset, make sure they are safe.
Intrusion Alarms

Protecting your property and your employees should be your top priority as a business owner. Luckily, MultiLink Systems in San Antonio, TX address both of these issues. Choosing the right products not only protects your building but it can also save lives.