Video Surveillance
We service and install gates
IP Camera
Digital Surveillance
Leverage your existing network to manage your surveillance cameras.
Networked Video Recorders
Our video systems are digital allowing for easy deployment and future expansion.
Video Analytics
Let technology do the hard work
Our video analytics offer a wide range of detection and awareness tools providing early detection.
Hosted Video
Limit your vulnerabilities
By storing your surveillance footage in the cloud you limit your exposure.
Virtual Guard
Reduce overhead
Our virtual guard services reduce your overhead and provide a significant return on investment
Video Integration
Video and Access Control
Integrate your video surveillance with other components within your security eco system.
Video Surveillance

At MultiLink we take video surveillance seriously and we’ve dedicated ourselves to become the leading surveillance integrator in San Antonio. We’ve partnered with leading brands such as Milestone, Axis, Bosch and Hikvision to bring you the most advanced security camera solutions.  We offer a range of configurations from local recording to hosted IP solutions that stream video to our secure cloud.  Our state of the art monitoring center can monitor your video and make actionable decisions based on live video, a great alternative to security guards and patrol services.